This interactive demonstration focuses on how creating a course eBook can enhance students’ learning experiences and build a classroom community focussed on inquiry. Responding to Mayer’s (2014) call for a research-based understanding of how to design multimedia instruction that promotes learning, a team of 18 graduate students co-authored and designed an interactive, multi-touch eBook (published on Apple Books). The primary interest is to better understand the design principles and instructional strategies for multimedia learning across diverse educational contexts in our classrooms, communities, workplaces, and worlds. What distinguishes this research is the thought-provoking integration of cognitive tools and compelling media-rich content designed by the authors, including 360° panoramic images, infographics, interactive data visualizations, photo galleries, popover widgets, scrolling sidebars, quizzes, timelines, tutorials, videos, and more. Immersive, interactive, and informative, this eBook is an experience designed to engage minds as readers explore the 13 leading-edge chapters.